make joy normal: cozy homeschooling

favourite topic: favourite books

April 22, 2022 Bonnie Landry Season 4 Episode 2
make joy normal: cozy homeschooling
favourite topic: favourite books
Show Notes

Elizabeth and I revel in our favourite books once again, story books, novels, parenting,  adult spiritual growth, historical fiction.  So much fun. 

1:43 - What is your all-time favourite easy family meal?
5:55 - Favourite story books
     Something from Nothing
     Our Lady's Wardrobe
     Frog and Toad are Friends
     Winnie the Pooh
     James Herriot's Treasury for Children
     Berlioz the Bear
     The Tale of the Three Trees
     My Bible Friends
     Beauty and the Beast
     St George and the Dragon
     The Kitchen Knight
      Books by Tomie dePaola
     The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls
     The Night Knight
18:29 - Favourite non-fiction 
     The Miracle of Life, A Parent and Child Book about Birth
     The Something Egg
     Polar the Titanic Bear
     Eyewitness books
     Incredible Cross=Section Collection
23:27 - Favourite historical fiction
      A Christmas Carol
     The Witch of Blackbird Pond
     Books by E.B. White 
     Outlaws of Ravenhurst
     Fever 1793
     The Devil's Arithmetic
     Behind the Bedroom Wall
     The Winged Watchman
     The Wheel on the School
     The Vikings
     Rolf and the Viking Bow
     Way of the Warrior Kid
29:06 - Books for personal growth/homeschooling  
     The Dolores Passion of our Lord
     Favorite Poems Old and New
     The Three Rs
     The Temperament God Gave You
     The Life Giving Home
     The Life Giving Table
     Introduction to the Devout Life
     Books by Fr. Jacques Philippe 
     The Saints Who Saw Hell
39:05 - Favourite novels
     Fr. Elijah
     The Lord of the Rings
     To Kill a Mockingbird
     Books by P.G. Wodehouse
     Peter and the Starcatchers


the bigger picture of reading story books (blog post)

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