make joy normal: cozy homeschooling

differences in discipline

January 27, 2023 Bonnie Landry Season 5 Episode 4
make joy normal: cozy homeschooling
differences in discipline
Show Notes

It's a great question - How do we approach the topic of differences in discipline with a young child who notices these things and is asking?   We also discuss how small families can approach their homeschooling communities despite large families being the norm.

2:00 - How do you explain parenting differences to a child? 
8:45 - When others are disapproving of your methods of discipline
13:32 - Choosing our words carefully and with great empathy 
16:13 - Small families, homeschooling communities and infertility

Neufeld Institute | Gordon Neufeld PhD

attachment parenting and the sermon on the mount (blog post)

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